7 Facts We Bet You Didn’t Know About St Patrick’s Day

St. Patrick’s Day, the day of green, the day we celebrate the Irish, the day your luck changes for the better! So how much do you really know about this fabulous day, that is celebrated all over the world? Read the facts below, and share your thoughts? Did you know them all? Do you have any additional ones to add? Lets see!

Fact #1: Did you know that St. Patrick himself was not actually from Ireland. He was from Wales!

Fact #2: The famous shamrock that we have all come to know as an association with St. Patrick’s Day was originally used as a religious teaching tool (the 3 leaf shamrock of course).

Fact #3: Green wasn’t always the color associated with St. Patrick’s Day, for a very long time it was actually….can you guess? BLUE! Green was actually considered an unlucky color for centuries.

Fact #4: The first eve St. Patrick’s Day Parade took place in NEW YORK CITY, way back in 1760.

Fact #5: St. Patrick’s Day, almost could have been called “Saint Maewyn’s Day.” The gentleman to whom we celebrate his birth name was Meawyn. He changed it to Patrick after becoming a priest.

Fact #6 There is one city on the world that is famous for dumping dye into their river. CHICAGO! Since 1962 the city of Chicago dumps 40 tons of dye into the river to make it the beautiful shade of green for this fabulous day.

Fact #7 Guinness sales increase exponentially on St Patrick’s Day every year! There are studies that show that on St. Patrick’s Day alone, there are over 10.5 million pints of Guinness drank around the world. That’s a whole lot of beer!