10' x 4' Studio Golf Mat - Double Hitting

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Keep your game under par, and your practice area oversized with the Fiberbuilt 10’x4’ Double-Hitting Studio Mat. Our 10’ x 4’ Double-Hitting Studio Mat, accommodating both right- and left-handed players, is designed to meet your exacting specifications, yielding realistic ball flight numbers. The authentic Fiberbuilt Grass hitting section is ultra-durable and proven to perform exactly like real fairway grass. Hit down and through, and avoid turf shock to prevent injuries. Even better, it comes with our 300,000 shot guarantee.   

  • 10’ wide by 4’ long (two 1’ x 4’ sections of genuine Fiberbuilt Grass, one 4’ x 4’ Performance Turf stance mat and two 2’ x 4’ performance spacer panels)
  • Designed to accommodate both left- and right-handed players
  • Fiberbuilt Grass comes with our 300,000 shot guarantee
  • Each hitting section includes 4 tee holes
  • On-Course Green color
  • Tool-free assembly
  • Ideal configuration for optical launch monitors like Foresight, SkyTrak, and Ernest Sports
  • Includes: 2 Fiberbuilt Grass (nylon) sections, 1 Performance Turf Mat, 2 Performance Spacer panels, and our exclusive tool-free modular rubber foundation with easy-lock fasteners